Skill Acquisition Clubs

Skill acquisition is a specific form of learning geared towards equipping the students with requisite knowledge in practical terms on some specialized areas of human endeavor. The aim is to train students on a particular function or task for them to have expertise skills in the field.Therefore we can say that the process of acquiring a skill is called skill acquisition.

During a 5 year period (JS1-SS2), a child is expected to spend at least a year in each team for these skills.

The teams have staff who possess skills in the relevant fields as patrons and matrons. In line with our gender separation policy, each team has two groups, one for each gender.

The students are trained every Friday during the school session

Advantages of skills acquisition:-

Means to self sufficiency

A skilled person does not necessarily need outside help in satisfying his basic needs, especially with regard to the field he is knowledgeable in. Nigeria is skilled in rice production and is now self sufficient in providing rice to its’ people. eg “self-sufficient in food”

Means to wealth creation

Skill acquisition helps in wealth creation. Doing what you know how to do best and providing services to others in a specific area, helps in generating incomes which increase wealth in the society.

Income diversification

Income diversification refers to the increase in income sources or the balance share among the different sources. Income diversification is an increasingly important means for modern households, being able to do many tasks in different areas increases the family’s standard of living.

The skills acquisition programme is our School’s YEP and is aimed at equipping our students with basic skills in some selected fields like:



Basic engineering


Leather work



Gift Items


For further information, you may please call the Principal on 08145175608, or the Admin Officer on 09066946697 between 9am and 4pm, Mondays to Thursdays.