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PTA Meeting Of 14th December 2019

The PTA Meeting of 3rd August 2019 in the Schools’ hall

PTA meeting of April Saturday 13th, 2019







ATTENDANCE: The meeting was attended by was attended by 120 attendees.


COMMENCEMENT – The meeting commenced by 10:30am.
OPENING – The opening prayer was said by Mal. Abdullahi. The meeting was presided over by the Chairman, Alh Yusuf Hussayn Dan-Audi.
The Chairman apologized for starting the meeting late. This he explained was to allow the arrival of more parents at the meeting.

REVIEW OF MINUTES OF THE 43RD GENERAL MEETING Correction/Observations – The minutes were read and the following corrections and observations were made.Item 5.4.2, line 2, ‘The Graveyard on Isa Kaita Road’ should be replaced with ‘The Graveyard Off Isa Kaita Road.

’Item 6.2.3, line 2, ‘where the student’ should be replaced with ‘where the students’.

Item 8.1 line 1, ‘The School Administrator appreciated the effort the Head Teacher and the Principal’ should be replaced with the School Administrator appreciated the efforts of the Head Teacher and the Principal.

Item 8.1.6 line 3, ‘The balance can be paid in two installment’ should be replaced with ‘The balance can be paid in two subsequent installments’.

ADOPTION – In the absence of any other corrections, Mr. Mutiu A. Balogun moved a motion for the adoption of the minutes. The motion was seconded by Mr. Umar Farouq.
MATTERS ARISING – Financial ReportThe report was read by the Financial Secretary, Mr. AbdusSamii AbdurRauf.

The balance brought forward as at 01/09/2018 was N3, 021,851.87.

The income and expenditures of the period under review had a balance of N4, 524,851.85.

The balance carried forward to the next period was N3, 041,400.87.

The table below show the summary of the payment of P.T.A Levy

Section —————-Number—————— Defaulters ——————-Fully paid
Primary —————-445—————————– 9 —————————–N436, 000.00.
Secondary ————245 ——————————6 —————————-N239, 000.00.
Total ——————–690 ——————————-15 ————————–N675, 000.00.
The sum of N675, 000.00 realized as P.T.A levies for the term was deposited to the bank which will show in the next bank statement. The sum of N20,500 is still expected as balance of Ram purchased.

“High table” at the PTA meeting of 13th April 2019

FLOOR MEMBERS’ REACTIONS TO THE FINANCIAL REPORT – The Chairman clarified that the beneficiaries of the Loan in the report were referred to as ‘persons’ because it was agreed in one of the P.T.A meetings that beneficiaries’ names should not be disclosed.He also confirmed that it was the decision of the P.T.A EXCO to give financial assistance worth N40,000 to the late staff of the school. Similarly, a financial assistance worth N30,000 was also given to another staff of the school who was bedridden and who later passed on.

APPOINTMENTS OF NEW EXCO MEMBERS – The Chairman revealed that as read in item 9.1 of the minutes regarding the vacant posts of the Legal Adviser and Auditor. New appointments have been made to fill up the vacancies. He announced that Hajiya Habiba Muhammad has been appointed as the New Legal Adviser. Hajiya Hadiza Nasir as the Auditor and Mr. Muftau Adewuyi as the P.T.A Secretary. He called on the house to ratify the new appointments.Mr. Mutiu Balogun who commented on the appointments stated that Mr. Muftau Adewuyi was the former Head of Department of languages and is a capable hand for the job. He also expressed his support for the appointments of Hajiya Habiba Mohammed and Hajiya Hadiza as Legal Adviser and Auditor respectively.

Parents listening to presentations by section heads


Nursery/Primary Section – The Primary Section report was presented by the Head teacher Mrs. Husseina O. Sadiq.She began by thanking Allah for a successful completion of the term which started on 18th September, 2018 with the resumption of teachers on 10th September, 2018. The school opened for fifty two days.The school had its open day on 9th of November, 2018 and parents turn out for the day was encouraging.The term’s examination was conducted on 3rd December, 2018. A total of 296 pupils sat for the exam. Out of this number 286 performed above average while 10 pupils had a below average performance.

COMPETITION –The school participated in the 16th Annual National Mathematics Competition which took place on 1st December, 2018 at the Nigerian Tulip International College (NTIC). A total of 36 pupils selected from primary 5 and 6 represented the school.

WORKSHOP/TRAINING In-house workshops were held on 11th October 2018. The themes of the workshops were ‘Effective Communication in Teaching and Favoritism in the Classroom’ Teachers of the Nursery and Lower Department were featured as resource persons of the workshop. Also, on 12th September, 2018 selected teachers of the section took part in a training conducted by Post Bridge Education Service. The theme of the training was A number of external workshops were held to promote staff development and efficiency. Among these were: (1)‘Effective Communication in teaching’ (2)‘Favoritism in the Classroom’(3)’Identification and Management of Behavioural Disorder and Teen Issues’ (4)‘Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder’ (5)‘Addiction and Psychological First Aid’

Some Teachers at the PTA meeting


CULTURAL DAY –The section had a cultural day on 28th September 2018. Pupils show cased their cultural identity in various ways including dressing and cuisine. The day’s activities were rounded off with a drama titled ‘Unity is Strength’ and a PowerPoint presentation on ‘The Journey of Nigeria from Independence to Date’Colour Week was observed in the 10th week of the school academic calendar. The nursery pupils were the target of the week. It afforded them opportunity to learn colours in an exciting way.Agricultural Day came up between 14th and 22nd of November 2018. On the day, pupils had a chance to watch video on all kinds of fruits and vegetables. The Upper primary pupils had a presentation on ‘Legumes and its benefits’.Excursion/Trips were made to Orphanage Home and Dana Airlines in Kaduna.

Handwriting Clinic – There were 3 pupils in attendance at the clinic for the term. The pupils were consistent in their attention and interest.Clubs had a lot of exciting activities for its members some of the activities featured drama rehearsals, songs and poem recitation by Drama Club; Sketching image panel, adding custom background and animation on slides by ICT Club. Maths and Science Clubs trained its members on poultry farming, weeding, extracting starch from cassava and so on. The CEC Club members had training session on news casting, quiz, cross word and storytelling.She advised parents on proper dressing as specified by the school. She announced that the school would resume on Tuesday 8th January 2018 for term 2, 2018/2019 academic session.

PTA members


Mr. Lukman Ayangbile the Principal of the section presented the report.

ACADEMICS –The term commenced on Monday 17th September, 2018 with an orientation which was held for the new students.Academic work began on 18th September, 2018.The midterm test was conducted from 18th October, to 5th November 2018. Midterm reports were given to parents on Friday 9th November, 2018.

WASCE registration has commenced and the school is through with off line registration

UTME registration is scheduled to start in January, 2019 SS3 Matters

Extension and CBT practice were commenced on 24th of September, 2018. Parents’ Forum was held on Friday 7th December, 2018


A counselling session was held for the students on 21/9/2018.

SS2 & SS3 Students had an in-house seminar on ‘Artificial Intelligence’ on 16/10/2018.

SS3 and JSS3 students attended the Plus Play student conference on the theme ‘Predict the Future on 22/11/2018.

JSS3 and social science students took part in a career talk on 23/11/2018

The social science students held an in-house seminar on Agricultural Policy in Nigeria on 29/11/2018

Students of the school went on excursion to INEC State Office, Post Office, AFIT Kaduna, EL-Jahab Mubarak (Nig) Limited and United Nigeria Textiles Limited.

Inter-House Sporting Competition for the section was held on the second week of December 2018.

The school would resume for term 2 on Monday 7th January, 2018.

Cross Section of Attendees


The term began on 17th September 2018

New students were examined and categorized

Books were distributed to students on resumption

C.A test was conducted in the fifth week

Majority of the students had above average performance while a few of them performed below average.The new students with outstanding performance were moved to JSS1 Islamiyyah based on the C.A Results. The Gumi College moderated examination alongside ERC for 2018/2019 session would come up by the end of Term 2 Parents and guardians should endeavor to guide their wards towards adequate preparation for the examination. Problems encountered in the course of the term were: Hadith Textbooks for JSS1 and JSS2 could not be made available because a new textbook was to be introduced. The recent Kaduna crisis affected the coverage of the term’s scheme of work.

Parents want the best for their wards


The School .Administrator reported that the Payment Plan operated last term was stressful and has been replaced with a new one.Parents would need to obtain a form from the office for the new plan and explain that he/she would pay for the first installment and when to pay the rest.A total of 65 parents had filled the form, 28 out which have made part payment while the rest were yet to pay. There is an outstanding of N2 million plus to be paid at the end of the term. He appealed to parents in this category to endeavour to pay up by the end of December, 2018 as there would be another bill to be paid by January 2019. He stated that a good number of parents are comfortable with the plan. He added that the school has no plan to increase fees.The C.A results of SSII and SSIII students will be forwarded to WAEC each term. He urged parents to ensure that their children do not miss C.A test.WAEC has resolved to put measures in place to check exam mal practice. The body has promised to come up with customised question papers with candidates’s name, state, L.G and date of birth in order to trace those photocopying of questions that are usually circulated.WAEC warned parents not to allow their children to take phones to examination halls.WAEC certificate is not replaceable. In the event of fire incidents, burnt pieces of the certificate recovered should be submitted to WAEC for attestation for a fee of N20,000.00Appreciation: He appreciated the P.T.A for presenting trophies and also for donations it has been making to the school.He announced that the P.T.A sponsored two staff members for a PGDE course.


Alh. Ibrahim Ahmadu wanted to know the objective of the ANMC and the modalities for selecting students for competition. He appreciated the efforts of the school in showing the pupils videos on fruits and vegetables. He suggested that the school should have taken the pupils to a farm to see fruits and vegetables instead of showing them video. He observed that clubs attendance by pupils is paid for but that pupils are often left unattended to by patrons of the club. He alerted the school on the activities of kidnappers. He advised the school to put a better security measures in place. He urged the school to make its security guards do more than control traffic.In his response to the issue on security the Chairman urged parents to pick up their wards promptly by 5.15p.m which is the school’s closing time. He advised that students who wait to be picked up by their parents beyond 5.15p.m should be made to wait within the school premises.In his response on the same issue, the principal maintained that the security personnel are well trained. He stated that the instances of parents not following the school’s security protocol which requires parents to enter the school premises to pick up their children pose serious security challenges to the school. He called on parents whose children go home by public transportation to inform the school about such arrangement.On the same matter, the school administrator appealed to parents to arrive at the school latest by 5.15pm to pick up their children as regulated by the school. He added that although the school made provision for two staff members to stay with such students some parents still delay uptill 5:30pm. He appealed to such parents to endeavour to be prompt in picking up their children. In her response on the issue raised on ANMC competition, the head teacher clarified that every pupil was given a chance but that some parents excused their children out of the competition because of Islamiyya attendance at home.She explained that the Agric Day activities were based on themes and that the knowledge imparted to the pupils was taken piece meal according to the student’s level. On clubs, she explained that she could not ascertain the particular club the issue raised affected but assured the parents that club activities are being monitored.

Attentively listening to contribution from a Parent


Alhaji Abdulaziz Umar observed that his child did not understand the concept being taught in the school’s Islamiyya section.It was also observed that poor dressing of pupils as reported by the Head teacher could be a direct result of teachers’ poor dressing. This observation was noted for action by the Head Teacher.Mr. Kamaldeen Idris responded that the Arabic language is the medium of instruction in the Islamiyya. He explained that the situation would change by the time the student in question settled down.Mr. Jimoh Moshood urged parents to desist from the act of registering their children for WAEC SSCE while they are still in SS2 class. He added that the act is affecting their classmates who are not privileged to do so psychologically. He called on the school to impose sanctions on such students. The suggestion was noted for action by the School Administrator.The Chairman urged parents to involve themselves in making donations for students who excel in subjects taught in the school so as to encourage them to do more.Alhaji Ibrahim Ahmadu suggested that tickets should be issued by the school to students who go home by public transport as a way of security check. He also wanted the school to sanction parents who delay in picking up their children. He added that the proceeds that accrue from the sanction should be used to pay overtime allowance to the staff who watch over the students.The school noted the suggestion for action. Alhaji Mohammed Usamatu appealed to the school management to plan exam time table in a way that would be less stressful for students. He explained that the last exam was stressful for students as they had to sit for four papers in a day.He requested that the students’ attendance of the school’s Islamiyya should be made optional. He also called on the school management to restrain teachers of the Islamiyya section from calling students nicknames.In his response, the Chairman said the request that the Islamiyya should be made optional was difficult. He explained that this was because the Islamiyya has been embedded into the school’s programme. On security, the Chairman informed the house that there is a private individual running a transportation service for student in the school. He advised parents who have a tight schedule to engage the service of this individual. The appeal that the school Islamiyya teachers should be retrained from calling students nick name was noted for action by the School AdministratorThe Chairman informed the house that the school has lost another staff member in person of Mallam Yahaya.The issue of poor attendance of parents at meeting was discussed. The option of imposition of sanction was considered by the house. In the end it was unanimously agreed that sanctions would not help but rather appeal should be made to parents to improve on their attendance record.

The School think tank would do all things possible to make Little Scholars the best School Kaduna

ADJOURNMENT –In the absence of any other business, Mr. Mutiu A. Balogun moved a motion for the adjournment of the meeting and it was seconded by Mr. Abdullateef Musa. The motion was adopted and the date of next meeting was to be communicated to parents.

CLOSING –The meeting was brought to a close at 1:18pm

____________________________ _________________________ Alh. Yusuf Hussayn Dan-Audi Muftau Adewuyi Chairman Secretary


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