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History and introduction

Little Scholars Schools was established in February 2004.

The Nursery and Primary sections started in 2004 while the Secondary section started in September, 2009.

The main aim and objective of the school was to create environment for kids to attend conventional school while also striving to make them literate in Arabic and French languages. This was what the Founders of the school thought were missing in most conventional schools of today.

Apart from taking all the conventional subjects like Mathematics, English, Social studies and Science, the Children in the Nursery / Primary school also take Arabic and Quran as subjects in the school. They learn authentic ADHKAR of the prophet (SAW) and also perform Dhur prayer in school from Mondays to Thursdays. Our target in this section is to achieve literacy in Arabic as well as fluency in the recitation of some portions of the glorious Quran in addition to basic communication skills in Arabic Language and French Language.

In the secondary section, the students apart from taking all the subjects prescribed in the state and national curriculum, stay back in school for additional two(2) hours from Mondays to Thursdays for lessons in Islamiyya subjects such as Quran, Lughatul Arabiya, Fiqh, Hadith , Khat, inshai, Mutola’a, and Tafseer. It is our hope that after the 1st three years, they will take in addition to some of the subjects above, subjects like Nahwu, sarf and adab.

Physical Address:

No. 2A/2B Rock Road off Isa Kaita Road, Malali GRA, Kaduna.


School Administration – 09066946659

Admin. – 09066946697

Bursary – 08100546758

Principal – 08145175608

Head Teacher – 08145174932

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