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Little Scholars Schools Mock Election

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Pupils Election 2019


2A & 2B Rock Road Off Isa Kaita

Malali GRA Kaduna, Nigeria


Alhamdulillah, the mock election was conducted successfully.

On Monday 11th February 2019, the pupils were introduced to the theme of the week (ELECTION). Election processes and voting processes were also explained on Monday and Tuesday 12th February 2019, party manifesto was held on Wednesday 13th February 2019 by the presidential aspirants. The aspirants belong to four political parties as follows:

  1. Sadiq Ahmad Sani People’s Action Party(PAP)
  2. Mufeedah Musa Development party (DP)
  3. Sani Ahmad Unity Party (UP)
  4. Aisha Aminu Ahmad Nigerian Party (NP)

The pupils were also enlightened about election violence and election malpractices.

On Thursday 14th February 2019. The election took place as little Scholars Pupils decide. It started from Permanent voter’s card (PVC) were given to the pupil’s Accreditation of voters was also done by the presiding officers using the POS as an improvised card reader. Ballot papers were also given to the eligible voters and the voting of the candidate of their choices took place. The ballot papers were also dropped in the INEC ballot boxes. At the end of the voting exercise, the candidate with the highest number of votes was awarded the presidential seat.
       The following are the officials who played vital roles during the election process

  1. INEC CHAIRLADY /ORGANIZER             Nasiba Musa
  2. ELECTION SUPERVISOR                           Bello Suleiman
  3. PRESIDING OFFICER                                 Umar Farouk
  4. ASSISTANT PRESIDING OFFICER            Abubakar Itopa
  5. FOREING OBSERVER 1                              Ustaz Yusuf Hassan
  6. FOREING OBSERVER 2                              Ustaz Usman Abubakar
  7. FOREING OBSERVER 3                              Sherifat Sanni
  8. COLLATION OFFICER                                Nafiu Adam
  9. BALLOT PRINTER                                      Umar N. A.

PARTY AGENTS   (PAP) Agent                            Imran

                                (NP) Agent                              Ahmad Idris

                                 (UP) Agent                              Ismail

                                  (DP) Agent                            Al Amin Kamaldeen.


  1. Modibbo Ismail              1. NTA       Modibbo Murtala
  2. Nazir Bello                       2. AIT         Abubakar
  3. Shehu Ayuba                   3. BBC        Hussaini Balarabe

                                                     4. CNN Shehu Ayuba


Attached to this report is the party manifesto and election violence awareness tips.


                                                                                                                   Compiled/reported by  NASIBA MUSA

Manifestos of the parties!   Manifestos of the parties!!

Sadiq Ahmad Sani

I, of the People’s Action Party (PAP). My vision is to make Nigeria a country where there will be economic justice, peace and human development.   If elected on 14th February 2019 as the president of Nigeria i will take action which speaks louder than words

  1. Urgently secure the territorial integrity of the nation.
  2. Enforce the freedom of information and expression through the media.
  3. Restore financial confidence in the citizens of the country.
  4. Generate, transmit and distribute electricity on a 24hr seven days a week’
  5. Lastly, I will establish technical colleges and vocational centers all over the country this will help to reduce the massive unemployment rate of the youths in Nigeria.

                                                                      Thank you!!!!

Sani Sadiq

 I, of the Unity Party (NP). My vision is to promote the unity of service and accountability. If granted the opportunity to serve you as the president comes up on 14th February, my administration will

  1. Create business entrepreneurship development schemes.
  2. Modernize the agricultural sector by creating more agro allied jobs for the people.
  3. Review and strengthen veterinary practices in Nigeria
  4. Create small and medium enterprises development commission
  5. Promote infrastructural development, by extension roads, railways bridges e.t.c

                                                Thank you!!!

Mufeedah Musa

I, of Development Party (DP). My vision includes improving the security of citizens, fighting corruption and indiscipline

 If you elect me on February 14th 2019, my administration will

  1. Prevent the abuse and misuse of public offices.
  2. Make our country one of the fastest growing economies in the world
  3. Revive our agricultural sector through research institute, and make Nigeria self-reliant on food production.
  4. Reform and strengthen the justice system.
  5. I will initiate the free feeding Programme in all public schools. This will make learning experiences more meaningful for children as the Nations education will no longer be a preparation of life but life itself.

                                                                      Thank you!!!


  I, of the Nigerian Party (NP). My vision is the provision of health care facilities, and human development. If given the opportunity to serve you as the president comes up 14th day of February 2019 i will

  1. Provide adequate health care facilities in all public hospitals to reduce the rate of maternal mortality rate among women.
  2. I will increase the quality of federal government owned hospitals to world class standard.
  3. I will tackle the rate of insecurity and insurgencies, kidnapping, armed robbery and religious clashes.
  4. I will provide job opportunities for the masses especially the women and youth so as to be self-reliant in the society.
  5. I will provide pipe borne water in both rural and urban areas nationwide,

                                                                                        Thank you all!!!!

Khadijah Ishaq Jae

I, of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), believe that Nigeria urgently needs fundamental political reform and improvement in governance, my vision is wealth creation among the citizens of the country. If you elect me on February 14th 2019, my administration will

  1. Provide allowances for the youth nationwide.
  2. Tackle the issue of insurgency especially in the north east
  3. Ensure a greater proportion of expenditure on university education.
  4. Balance the Nigerian economy
  5. Privatize the N.N.P.C
  6. Lastly, I will initiate policies to ensure Nigerians are free to live and work in any part of the country.

                                                                      Thank you!!!

 Musa Bala

I, of the Social Democratic Party of Nigeria,(SDMP) my vision is to provide social justice and promote the social welfare of the citizens of the country, if you elect me into office as your president on 14th February 2019. My administration will,

  1. Create job opportunities for the youth
  2. Expand domestic demand and will undertake associated public works programmes
  3. Revive and reactivate our refineries to optimum capacity
  4. Provide a more conducive environment for private sector participation in all levels of education.
  5. Create a nationwide food inspectorate division.

                               Thank you!!!!

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